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How To Get Involved





It's not necessary to register to pray, but if you would like to receive updates or indicate your level of involvement, we would love to be in communication with you. We look forward to going to battle with you as The Fight coninutes.



Get Involved

  • Starting with Arkansas on September 15th, each state will be prayed for. A list of candidates will be suggested.

  • We would encourage as many people as possible to encourage 50 Days of Prayer.

  • Encourage prayer rallies in communities throughout the 50 days.

  • Send out an email asking people to commit to praying.

  • Commit to being, as consistent as possible, in daily prayer, but don't think missing a day disqualifies you from participating.

  • Do prayer conference calls and zoom/skype prayer webinars within your church and among churches.

click below to register as an individual to pray for a specific day


Church Involvement:

  • Promote and encourage your congregation to personally pray daily. You as a church can do that individually and join the daily zoom calls.

  • Promote and join the daily Zoom prayer calls.

  • Adopt one of the 50 days to pray as a church. (You decide how to do that.)

  • Join with other churches to pray as a unified group. (Click below for your ministry to adopt a day.)

  • Establish your own day to unify. If possible, communicate your plan.

  • Pastor facilitates one of the zooms calls for prayer.


click below to adopt a day for your ministry to pray for.

National Zoom Prayer Calls

  • September 15th daily zoom calls begin Monday- Friday noon - 1 pm EST and 8pm. 

  • We will have each special guest share the first 15 minutes then an assigned pastor or ministry leader will facilitate the hour of prayer.

  • The zoom call will be scheduled for an hour, but we are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  • A National live stream event may take place Sept. 15th - Nov. 3rd. Please stay tuned for more information.


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