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Pray For The President

Pray For The President

I Timothy 2:1-3


1.    That he would develop be pro-life, and pro-Christian values. (Psalm 20:6-9)
2.    That he would be saved, repent, and have a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ
3.    That he and First Lady Jill would have a vibrant marriage that is centered on Christ and that their children would be influenced by their example.
4.    A hedge of protection around him and his family.
5.    May President Biden remain healthy: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
6.    Pray for a spirit of humility, wisdom would be upon President Biden. 
7.    That God would grant him creative ability to keep our nation safe and prosperous
8.    That he would govern with moral integrity.
9.    The Spirit of wisdom would fall on President Biden. May he have wisdom in what to say, when to say it, and by any means possible.
10.    All the strategies that have been and are formed against him will continue to fail.
11.    May all deceiving, lying spirits through various media outlets would be exposed and that all influences that seek to undermine Godly principles be disarmed. (II Chronicles 18:21)
12.    Pray that God would enable the president to be a unifying influence in areas of disagreement in the Congress, as well as on the national scene.
13.    That he would restore respect, law, and order to the U.S., especially as it relates to our first responders.
14.    May our president would promote laws that enable God’s people to lead quiet and peaceful lives, in all godliness and honesty.
15.    That he would ban the use of government funds to pay for transgender surgeries, hormone blockers, etc. for our youth.

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