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Tenets of Belief

This is a statement of tenets/values for Christians in America to unite around.  In today’s divisive political climate, it is imperative that the Church be united now more than ever.  However, we must have unity around Biblical truth, not just for unity’s sake.  The following tenets are what we believe that we can unite around and help clarify how the values Christians use to determine their vote.

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What We Believe:

1.        We believe the biblical value that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.


2.       We believe the biblical value of the sanctity of all life, especially that of the unborn.

3.       We believe God’s design for the family, with a father and mother (sons, and daughters) who are in covenant for life and who raise their children together and teach them to respect, honor and obey their parents.


4.       We believe the biblical value that parents, especially fathers, should raise their children, no matter what the circumstances.  The Bible states, “If a man won’t provide for his household, he is worse than an infidel.”


5.       We believe the biblical value that children should be taught to respect their elders and those in authority.


6.       We believe the biblical value that fornication and adultery are sexual sins that must be taught against and not accepted as normative amongst Christians.


7.       We believe the biblical value that “If a man won’t work, don’t let him eat.”  Social programs cannot reward laziness and lack of industry.


8.       We believe the biblical value that Jesus taught equal opportunity, not equal outcomes (Matthew 25).


9.       We believe that your identity as a Christian should supersede your racial identity, especially when it comes to voting.


10.   We believe that when someone confesses sin, repents, receives God’s grace, and commits to following Christ, there is an expectation to treat other people as Christ would.  We do this by living by the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and loving your neighbor as yourself.


11.   We believe the Church has been self-centered and even greedy to the neglect of its community’s practical needs.  We strive to be the best Church for the community not just in the community.  In other words, we seek to do good not just look good.


12.   We believe one of the primary functions of the church is to fulfill Isa. 61 by reaching out to the poor, the addicted, the incarcerated, with the good news that Jesus is the answer.


13.   We believe Christ purchased, with His blood, people from every people or ethnicity.  Therefore, it is inclusive not exclusive for all from all backgrounds who adhere to the timeless truths.  Through Christ, according to Galatians 3:28, all barriers are torn down.  Therefore, we do not regard each other after the flesh.  We are Christians only, not black, white, or brown Christians.


14.   We believe we will be known by our extravagant love for one another and those who disagree with us, yet holding to the above truths and values.


15.    (I Peter 1:22; Matthew 5:43-48)


16.   We believe the Church is God’s agent to usher in His Kingdom on the earth.  The Kingdom is bigger than anyone of us, therefore needs every one of us.


17.   We seek to unite with other pastors, leaders, and churches who can ascribe to the above tenets.


18.   We believe, as we follow the tenets and influence others to do the same, we are fulfilling the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19, 20 to “Go and make disciples” and by doing so advance our King and His Kingdom.


19.   We believe forgiveness must be extended to those who have been offended or experienced injustice.  It is the only way the offended and those who brought harm can be reconciled and healed. Continuing to hold onto past wrongs by one people to another from actions of past generations only allows the root of bitterness to poison and destroy that offended community.  

Our Mission

To preserve the Judeo/Christian values and principles that founded our country by uniting in prayer for candidates who will uphold them.

Praying Together
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